Things you need to know before purchasing a snowboard.
Your Cold,
Hard Cash.
Purchasing a snowboard can be confusing.
As snowboarding has exploded over the last few years, we now have more and more equipment choices available on the market today.   More choices are always good for the consumer, and so is competition.  But heightened competition in the industry hasn’t driven down snowboard equipment prices - in fact, they typically rise upward from season to season, to the point where purchasing a good setup can easily run you over $1000.
Bottom line:  Purchasing a snowboard can be a significant investment.
This guide will try to educate you about some of the important things that you should consider before making this investment.  While written from a personal point of view, its insight is hardly personal.  The questions you’ll see posed have been among the most frequently asked in the Equipment Forums between 2002 and 2006.   The answers you’ll read have been constructed by three individuals who have over 20 years experience working in the equipment industry, but most gear experts will agree that there is some general consensus to what we’ll share with you.   And while the equipment market has evolved significantly over the years, the solid fundamentals we’ll talk about have not.  
When people give recommendations about snowboard equipment, it’s often difficult to remove the personal slant - everything from industry experience to personal bias often plays into people’s recommendations.   We’ve attempted to remove any “religious” arguments from this guide and attempt to remain as objective as possible.    
So here we go...
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