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If you have questions about buying a snowboard, one of the better resources on the web is the Equipment forums.   It’s there that you’ll be able to get some more personalized insight from a lot of people who know what they’re talking about.  
If you have additional questions, or questions about this site, please contact Chris via email (  If you have suggestions as to how we can make this site better, of if you think we’ve missed something big, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Whose fault is this?
This site is managed and was authored and created by Chris Uriarte (  Chris is a snowboard evangelist, equipment junkie, moderator of the Equipment forums on and cut his teeth in the snow sports equipment business starting back in the late 90s, when he was the Associate Online Equipment Manager for Ski and Skiing magazines.   Today, he manages the engineering group for a publicly-held, London-based financial services firm and sometimes gets to travel over 100 days a year - many of which are for snowboarding.
The content, however, is the result of painful collaboration (fighting?) and editing between Chris, Mark Helwig and David “D-Dog” O’Malley (yes, he’s Irish).  
By training, Mark Helwig, is a Materials Engineer who first became interested in snowboarding when he worked on a number of projects related to epoxy and fiberglass materials used by the ski and snowboard industry.  His father, a former city public works employee from Denver, never really understood what his son could possibly do with a chemical engineering degree.   Mark spent two years trying to make his small, Denver-based snowboard shop successful until his then-girlfriend got sick of eating Ramen noodles for dinner every night.  Needless to say, Mark’s knowledge of snowboard epoxies is far better than his business acumen.  He can often be seen on the hills of Breckenridge and Copper Mountain, Colorado.
David O’Malley has spent 11 years of his life working in every aspect of the snowboard equipment industry:  floor salesman, shop tech, sales rep for a manufacturer, photographer, part-time counter help at a hot chocolate kiosk in Aspen.  He’s 12 years into the sport and he still can’t pull off a backside-3.  
Why should you take our advice?
Maybe you shouldn’t.   There are lots of smarter people out there and certainly lots of better snowboarders.  This www-dot-Interweb thingy is sure mighty handy for looking up information, though.
The site is an experiment, of sorts.
Chris is an avid Mac user, a computer programmer by schooling and has been creating dynamic websites since 1995.  In January 2006, Apple introduced its iLife ’06 application suite, which included their first attempt at a web authoring tool - they called it iWeb.    Chris completed the final edit of this guide in October 2005, but just didn’t have the time to format it and put it online.  In January 2006, he was - fittingly - traveling to Banff/Lake Louise and Kicking Horse, BC to snowboard and figured he’d use the 8 hour plane trip do something productive.  The outcome is the site you see here.   The entire site was created and published in iWeb in about 3.5 hours.
The look, feel and style of the site uses a built-in iWeb template.  Chris modified the style of the default templates a bit, but only to simplify the look and feel.   The snowboard graphics and snowboard theme on this site are actually part of the default iWeb template, believe it or not.
The two super happy guys pictured at the top of this page are also part of the iWeb template.   (Do men actually pose for pictures with each other like that?)
The initial copy was writing and formatted in Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac (iWeb retains formatting of Word text, which is helpful).
The site is hosted under, which has been the home of Chris Uriarte’s personal web site since 1995.
Who are these bozos?