ITI 522: Advanced CGI Programming in Perl II
Rutgers University Internet Institute

Instructor: Christopher Uriarte <>

Meetings: (Section 15) Tuesday/Thursday (6:00p-9:00p): May 23, 25, 2000; Somerset facility

Perl server-side scripting techniques are explored such as file input/output, file locking, pipes, and maintaining state information. Perl syntax and built-in functions are covered in depth. Organization of a "Web site in a file" is covered as a theme, in which varying client-side behavior is achieved through user-supplied parameters.

Prerequisites: ITI-521: CGI Programming in Perl I, or equivalent. You should understand basic Perl syntax, as well as the general concept of CGI and what it's used for. User-level UNIX and basic HTML experience will also be useful.

Official Class Website: (password required)

Course Textbook: Programming Perl, Second Edition, Larry Wall, et al - O'Reilly and Associates (1996)

Optional Books: Teach Yourself CGI Programming with Perl 5 in a Week, Eric Herrmann - Sams Net (1996)

When You've Mastered the Topics in this Class, read:
Object Oriented Perl, Damian Conway - Manning (1999)
Programming the Perl DBI, Descartes and Bunce - O'Reilly (1999)
Effective Perl Programming, Joseph Hall - Addison-Wesley (1998)

The Most Important Info About this Course:
You need a code to use the restroom in this facility. The code for Men is "5-1" and the code for Women is "4-2".

Class Resources

  • Agenda and Resources for Class #1 (Tuesday)

  • Agenda and Resources for Class #2 (Thursday)

    Misc. Notes:

  • (not covered in this class) is a simple way to handle CGI form processing and output in Perl. It is a standard module that is included with all Perl 5 distributions today (UNIX and NT). My Anonymous Feedback form is a quick and dirty example of how to use with Perl 5. Here is the source code to the CGI script.