Rutgers University Internet Institute: 

Web Technology:  Web Server Setup


ITI-520 Section 13

Instructor:  Chris Uriarte



Dates:            Tuesdays, 6:10 to 9:10PM

                        October 10, 17, 24 and November 7


Location:      Rutgers Internet Institute

                        Somerset, NJ Facility


Instructor:    Christopher J. Uriarte



                        Office Phone: (732) 888-0088 x47



-         Basic, user-level knowledge of UNIX

-         You MUST know how to use a UNIX text editor (emacs, vi, pico, etc.) and view files (cat, more, less, etc.)


Course Materials:

                        Text:                Professional Apache

Peter Wainwright - Wrox Press, (1999)


                        Optional:         Apache:  The Definitive Guide, 2ed

                                                Ben and Peter Laurie – O’Reilly, 1999


Class Slides:

                        Username:     guest

                        Password:      guest


Class Announcements, Notes, etc.:



Rutgers University Internet Institute:

Web Technology:  Web Server Setup



ITI-520 Section 13

Instructor:  Chris Uriarte



Meeting 1: Introduction

·         Course introduction

·         Introduction to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and Web servers

·         Options for hosting a Website

·         Planning your Web server: hardware, software, and connectivity options

·         Networking Basics: TCP/IP, Domain Name Service (DNS), network services

·         UNIX Basics: process management, file management and navigation, archiving and compression, editors

Meeting 2: Installing and Configuring a Web Server

·         Options for installing Apache

·         Starting and stopping the Web server

·         Configuring the Web server

·         Access restrictions

·         Graphical Tools for Managing Apache

Meeting 3: Extending Apache: Advanced Topics

·         Server-based vs. client-based technologies

·         Delivering dynamic content: CGI, server-side includes, PHP

·         Introduction to Microsoft Frontpage extensions

·         Installing a search engine

·         Analyzing log data

·         Configuring virtual hosts

Meeting 4: Web Security: Secure Servers and Securing Your Server

·         Encryption (S-HTTP and SSL)

·         Installing and configuring an SSL-enabled server

·         Living with the threat of attacks: CGI exploits, break-ins, denial-of-service

·         How to make your Web server more secure