ITI 520: Web Technology: Web Server Setup (Section 03)
Rutgers University Internet Institute

Instructor: Christopher Uriarte <>
Alternate Email:
Office Telephone:(732) 847-6249

Meetings:(Section 03) Wednesdays (6:00p-9:00p): Sep 5, 12, 19, (skip 26), Oct 3, 2001 (Note change in end date from original posting); Hill Center, Room 009, Busch Campus, Piscataway (Note change in location from original posting)

This course is designed for students who want to learn how to install, configure, and administer a Web server that runs on a Unix system and can be used to deliver dynamic content.

Prerequisites: Either ITI-480 Unix Fundamentals or equivalent user-level knowledge of Unix. You MUST have basic knowledge of a UNIX text editors (pico, emacs, vi etc.)

Official Class Website with Class Slides:

Course Textbook: Professional Apache, Peter Wainwright, Wrox Press, (1999); ISBN 1-861003-02-1.

Optional Books: Apache : The Definitive Guide (2nd Ed.), Ben and Peter Laurie - O'Reilly (1999)

Syllabus: Available here in an HTML version.

Notes and Announcements:

  • (September 5, 2001) - Class slides for Meeting 1 are available here in MS PowerPoint format.

  • (September 8, 2001) - Class slides for Meeting 2 are available here.

  • (September 8, 2001) - Here's the homework for this coming week (Due 9/19).

  • (September 16, 2001) Class slides for Meeting 3 are available here.

  • (September 16, 2001) Here's the homework for the long two week break. There are two parts:

    Part 1: I'd like your to read a whitepaper on Apache performance tuning. It is available here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and Microsoft Word format. If, by some chance, you can't read any of these formats, please let me know. This is a typical whitepaper you might read in a technical journal, magazine or website. I don't expect you to understand ever part of it, but I think it is import that you become familiar with technical documents like this. Jot down a few notes about things you do understand and any other questions you have....we'll talk about it in our next class.

    Part 2:Practice re-compiling and re-installing Apache! Re-do homework #1 and be sure to do ALL the items this time.

  • (October 1, 2001) - Class slides for Meeting 4 are available here..

  • (Updated October 13, 2001) - The final project for this class will be a simple one. It consists of configuring an Apache server correctly. The project is described here. You MUST perform a full re-compile of Apache - DON'T just copy over your old Apache files....I can tell if you re-compiled them. When you are complete, please email me with your iti username. You should complete this project within 4 weeks.

  • (October 13, 2001) - You can find a good tutorial on using the UNIX FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client program here: If you're not familiar with FTP, I encourage you to try it out (maybe even download Apache with it!)

  • (October 13, 2001) - Watch this space....Web bandwidth requirements chart coming soon (in a few days)!