Advanced Apache Configuration, Administration and Performance Tuning for Web Programmers
USENIX Technical Conference 2000

Instructor: Christopher Uriarte <>

Meetings: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 - USENIX Technical Conference, San Diego, CA.

Getting the most out of your web application isn't just limited to optimizing your code - especially if you are running Apache. This course will explore a number of ways you can increase the performance and efficiency of your web applications that run under Apache. Topics will include: advanced performance tuning; performance tuning for high-capacity sites; CGI vs. API; installation and use of mod_perl; exploring the Apache API and much more.

Intended Audience: Web Application Programmers who want want to get "under the hood" of the Apache server. There will be code-level discussions, so administrators who do not have programming experience may find themselves lost.

Official Website: you're looking at it ;)

Recommended Books:
Apache, The Definitive Guide, Second Edition (Ben and Peter Laurie - O'Reilly, 1999).
Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C: The Apache API and mod_perl (Lincoln Stein, et al - O'Reilly, 1999)


  • Tuning the Apache Server: Getting the Most Out of Your httpd (Uriarte, 1999) - PDF Format

  • Supercharge Your Perl Web Application with mod_perl and Apache: Informal CGI vs. mod_perl Bechmark Tests (Uriarte, 1999) - PDF Format