WMB-520: Web Technology: Web Server Setup
Rutgers University Center for Applied Computing Techologies

Instructor: Christopher Uriarte <chrisjur@cju.com>
Alternate Email: chrisjur@rci.rutgers.edu
Meetings:Nov 11, 2002 - Nov 20, 2002 - Mon, Weds (6:00P - 9:00P) Davidson Hall, Busch Campus, Room 172B, Piscataway Description:
This course is designed for students who want to learn how to install, configure, and administer a Web server that runs on a Unix system and can be used to deliver dynamic content.

Prerequisites: Either ITI-480 Unix Fundamentals or equivalent user-level knowledge of Unix. You MUST have basic knowledge of a UNIX text editors (pico, emacs, vi etc.)

Official Class Website with Class Slides: http://www.cju.com/classes/2002/WMB-520

Course TextBook: Apache : The Definitive Guide (2nd Ed.), Ben and Peter Laurie - O'Reilly (1999)

Notes and Announcements:

  • (Nov 11, 2002) - Class slides for Meeting 1 are available here in MS PowerPoint format.

  • (Nov 12, 2002) - Here are two tutorials on the vi text editor from Purdue and U of Hawaii.

  • (Nov 12, 2002) - Here is a good, down-to-earth tutorial on SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the encryption technology that is used to implement HTTPS (Secure HTTP).

  • (Nov 12, 2002) - This page has links to free SSH (Secure Shell) clients that you can use to remotely access your UNIX account on blender.rutgers.edu from home/work. When starting the client you need to specify "blender.rutgers.edu" as the hostname, and use the username/password that was assigned to you in class. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • (Nov 12, 2002) - Class slides for Meeting 2 are available here in MS PowerPoint format.

  • (Nov 16, 2002) - For class 3, we will continue with the second set of slides AND then move on to these slides.

  • (Nov 16, 2002) - For homework after Class 3, I'd like your to read a whitepaper on Apache performance tuning. It is available here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and Microsoft Word format. If, by some chance, you can't download any of these formats, please let me know. This is a typical whitepaper you might read in a technical journal, magazine or website. I don't expect you to understand ever part of it, but I think it is import that you become familiar with technical documents like this. Jot down a few notes about things you do understand and any other questions you have....we'll talk about it in our next class.

  • (Nov 18, 2002) - Here are some slides for Class 4.