ITI-481: Unix Administration

Rutgers University Center for Applied Computer Technologies
Christopher Uriarte, Instructor

Todayís Agenda

Disk Partitions.

Understanding File System Types

Some Common File System Types:

Selecting a File System Type

Partitions and File Systems: A Recap

Disk Partitioning in UNIX

UNIX Partition Example

Disk Partitioning:Rules to Live By

Example:Adding a Partition Using Un-partitioned Space

Steps Required Make a New Partition

Partitioning Empty Hard Drive Space

Fdisk:Sample of Help Menu

Example: Creating a New Partition with Fdisk

Creating Partitions, conít

Step 2:Formatting the new File System

Step 3:Choosing and Creating a Mount Point

Step 4:Mounting the New Partition

Viewing Mounted File Systems

Unmounting File Systems

Typical Directory Structure

Sample Directory Tree with Mount Points