Christopher Jon Uriarte online since 1994.
colophon: about has been my personal website since I registered the domain name all the way back in 1994. As you may know, three-letter ".com" domain names are quite rare in nature and there are a limited amount of three-letter active sites today. Each year, I receive many offers to buy the domain, but, unless you have a six-figure proposal, the domain is not for sale :) Prior to being hosted on this domain, I had various sites hosted on servers at Rutgers University, as well as a few local Internet Service Providers base in the greater NYC area.

    There are two fonts utilized throughout the site:   Myriad Pro and Museo Slab. They are both served up from the wonderful Typekit font service.
    The technology that drives the site includes Apache, Perl, JavaScript and HTML (basically, the LAMP stack). Everything has been coded by hand with my ten little fingers. I can't guarantee whether the site validates well against HTML standards, but it should display well in most modern browsers, including Safari for iOS mobile devices. If you're using IE6, sorry.
Flickr and Wordpress RSS Feeds
    My image libray is hoted by Flickr and my blog is hosted by Wordpress. Many people often ask how I display the latest entries from my WordPress and Flickr feeds on the main homepage. This is the result of custom RSS XML parsers that I've written in Perl, which pulls the relevant site feeds every 15 minutes. The resulting parsed elements are placed in a text file that is read by the site every time you come to say hi. Details of this approach, as well as sample code, are outlined in an article I wrote some time ago.
Page Generation
    Most content pages (including this one) are generated dynamically using a template system that I built in Perl and have used for many other projects over the years.
    Truth be told, I have a bit of OCD. I try to keep the site's style clean and consistant throughout all pages, to the best of my ability. (If you could only see my first homepage design back in 1993...oh the horrific flashbacks.)
"What does the 'cju' in '' stand for, anyway?"
    Yes, I actually get asked this question from time to time.

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