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This is the homepage of Chris Uriarte. In a nutshell, I am a business guy who has spent most of my life creating technology-driven products and services from scratch, but that's often pretty damn boring to talk about (unless you want to pay me money for it).   Aside from that, I spend a lot of time traveling all over the world, ascending mountains to find snow and eating whatever good food I can.

If you are interested in stalking or hiring me, this is probably a good place to start.

- About Me - personal info about Chris Uriarte, including contact information
- About My Last Name - "What they hell kind of name is 'Uriarte'?"
- My Photo & Travel Blog - various ramblings and pictures from over the years
- Photos - 4000+ photos via Flickr

- Professional Biography - my formal professional bio and headshots
- Professional Profile & Speaking Material - an overview of my work and experience (now with video!)
- Classes/Teaching Website - 4000+ pages of from my teaching history
- Vesta Corporation - my current full-time employer
- How to Write an Email to Steve Jobs and Get a Reply - my only personal interaction with Steve
- Client & Partner Private Site - private repository for my consulting clients

- The Deep Thoughts Server - 20 mil+ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts since 1996
- The Definitive Guide to Purchasing a Snowboard - live since 2007, still as good as ever
- G.G.B.S. - galloping green banana slug
- Colophon - detailed info about this website
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